Frequently Asked Questions

Liberation Labs isrevolutionizing the world of biomanufacturing – with Bio3. Our platform is the key to unlocking the power of bio-tech and creating the innovative bioproducts that are set to shape our lives for the better. With Bio3, we enable pioneering biology innovators to bring their vision to life and commercialize the products of the future.

Simply put, precision fermentation programs microorganisms to produce functional ingredients for food, materials, and yet to be discovered breakthroughs that will make all of our lives better.

Liberation Labs strategically partners with bioproducts companies to manufacture their ingredients in modern, purpose-built precision fermentation facilities.

Six global geographies are targeted to house Liberation Labs Manufacturing Network, including the United States, Australia, Middle East, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Europe. Our global platform will ultimately deliver 24 million liters of precision fermentation capacity.

Liberation Labs’ first facility of 600,000 liters is being built in Richmond, IN, and is scheduled to be operational in 2024. It will immediately followed by a commercial facility of 4,000,000 liters.

We’re the precision fermentation experts, singularly focused and mission driven to unlock the promise of biotech by commercializing the foods, materials, and other bioproducts of the future.

With more than 50 years’ experience, our modern technology and fit-for-purpose precision fermentation design optimizes cost and product quality to provide clients a significant competitive advantage. Founded by industry leaders with decades of experience in commercial fermentation facility design and operation, Liberation Labs is the premier partner for technology development companies looking to bring their bioproduct process to commercial reality.

Let’s unlock biotech's potential, together.

Liberation Labs is currently open to customer inquiries, new team members, and investment discussions.