The future of biomanufacturing

Our mission is to design, build and operate a purpose-built precision fermentation platform with global reach, so that visionaries can be entirely focused on advancing the potential of biology.

Without our platform the industry is stalled, unable to commercialize the bioproducts of the future – foods, materials, and yet to be discovered breakthroughs that will make all of our lives better.

Precision fermentation expertly designed to unlock a new era of sustainability

Liberation Labs’ first-of-kind precision fermentation facilities are expertly engineered to deliver cost-effective, high-yield production of novel bioproducts and accelerate consumer adoption of sustainable alternatives. Our network of fermentation facilities will transform today’s constrained and inefficient contract manufacturing landscape with strategically designed and located purpose-built facilities, adaptable to fit 80% or more of the bioproducts market. Our aim is to deliver a global solution that unlocks the potential of biotech.

Our Team

Driven by integrity, innovation, and sustainability, our team of thought leaders is passionate about delivering market leading solutions to become the global leader for precision fermentation manufacturing. Co-founders, Mark Warner and Etan Bendheim, are mission-driven experts in strategic development, scaling and commercialization for novel protein companies, including management, design, construction, and process innovation which is unrivaled in the industry.

Mark Warner

Co-founder and CEO

A transformational executive, Mark’s passion spans the biotech industry from innovation start-up to capital improvements, through positions including Chief Engineering Officer, Impossible Foods; Sr Vice President of Engineering, Solazyme; and Founder and President, Warner Advisors, serving as a consultant to over 100 fermentation companies focused on process and scale-up of alternative proteins. Mark is also author of the recent industrial biotechnology commercialization handbook, ‘How to make proteins without animals and fuels and chemicals without crude oil’. 

Etan Bendheim

Co-Founder and COO/CBO

Operational savvy executive who drives industry change through investment and strategic partnerships, Etan has worked in and around fermentation and biotechnology for his entire career. Beginning in healthcare investment banking at UBS, Etan then transitioned to the industry side, spending over a decade in strategy and operations roles at Phibro Animal Health Corporation, a global leader in animal health and nutrition, before founding LAVVAN, Inc., a pioneering company in using cellular agriculture to manufacture safe and scalable cannabinoids, in 2019.

Jessica Kates

Chief Financial Officer

Jessica is a strategic finance executive with long-term vision. Her experience spans capital markets, private equity and fundraising, budget and cost management, vendor relations, performance improvement, growth and expansion strategies, inventory, and COGS improvement.

Let’s unlock biotech's potential, together.

Liberation Labs is currently open to customer inquiries, new team members, and investment discussions.