Scaling the precision fermentation process for alternative proteins

Liberation Labs is commercializing precision fermentation with purpose built, global manufacturing facilities that enable the next wave of biotechnology advancements.
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Enabling the technologies that will feed the world

The demand for alternative and environmentally friendly protein sources is growing at an unprecedented rate.

Our cutting edge process combining modern technology and design brings reliable, bespoke, and cost-effective solutions that enable novel protein manufacturers to meet consumer needs and industry growth.

The future of fermentation

Founded by industry pioneers with a combined 50 years of experience, Liberation Labs is powering a new, innovative way forward that sets the standard for the precision food fermentation industry and has a lasting impact on collective sustainability goals.

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Mega Factories Target Cow-Free Milk and Cheese to Plug Shortage

A new generation of alternative proteins promises to win over skeptical consumers by making cow-free dairy taste like the real thing. The trouble is there’s a dearth of factories needed to make them.


Liberation Labs Selects Indiana for First Biomanufacturing Facility

RICHMOND, Ind., Jan. 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liberation Labs, a large-scale precision fermentation manufacturer, has executed a purchase agreement for the site of its first commercial-scale biomanufacturing facility.


From science to CPG: How food tech companies grow into tomorrow’s food manufacturers

It’s difficult to take a scientific discovery that could change the way the world eats and get it to consumers’ plates.


Fixing the Fermentation Squeeze: Liberation Labs comes out of stealth with a Farm to Ferm mission

Liberation Labs comes out of stealth with a $20M funding round and a precision fermentation platform for the production of alternative proteins at scale


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The Future of Food

How the agriculture industry could go from farming to “ferming.”


Let’s facilitate the future of food, together.

Liberation Labs is currently open to customer inquiries, new team members, and investment discussions.